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If you feel self-conscious about your smile because of the way your gums look, gum lift surgery might be right for you. With over 20 years of experience, Earl Bercovitch, DDS, offers gum lifts for patients in Beverly Hills, California. He’s one of the only practices in Los Angeles that offers this cosmetic procedure. Call the office or schedule a consultation online today to find out how a gum lift can enhance your smile. As Dr. Bercovitch says, “You’re wearing the smile we gave you.”

Gum Lift Q & A

What is a gum lift?

A gum lift is a procedure to contour and reshape your gums to enhance the appearance of your smile. Dr. Bercovitch uses advanced dental lasers to remove excess gum tissue and reveal a smile with more even and proportionate-looking teeth. 

Why would I need a gum lift?

Several factors can affect the appearance of your gums. Your gums might cover too much of your teeth because of genetic factors or other health issues. You could also have gums that are too high because of gum disease and recession. 

If you’re unhappy with the way your smile looks because of your gums, you don’t have to hide your smile anymore. While a gum lift is a cosmetic procedure, it can reshape your gums and address periodontal issues to improve your overall dental health.

What happens during a gum lift?

Dr. Bercovitch begins with a thorough exam to assess the health of your gums and teeth. He checks for signs of gum disease or tooth decay that need to be treated before proceeding with your gum lift. He also plans your treatment to deliver the smile you’ve always wanted and may begin by marking a line on your gums to guide his work. 

To get started, Dr. Bercovitch provides a local anesthetic to your gums and surrounding tissue to ensure your comfort during the surgery. You wear a mouthguard to keep your lips away from your gums. Using a special dental laser, Dr. Bercovitch reshapes your gum line. The laser cauterizes as it contours, reducing any bleeding as well as your risk of infection. 

How should I take care of my teeth after a gum lift?

As your local anesthetic wears off, you might have some gum tenderness. Dr. Bercovitch provides customized aftercare instructions. In general, you should take the rest of the day off to relax. You might want to stick to soft food for a few days while your gums continue to heal. You can take over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen, but don’t take aspirin as it can trigger bleeding. 

Call Earl Bercovitch, DDS, or make an appointment online today to learn more about gum lifts and how they can give you an even more beautiful smile.